• Cesaroni 38mm Forward Closure Recall
    Cesaroni has issued a recall of certain 38mm motor forward closures due to a manufacturing defect in the forward closure. The defect can result in forward closure failure at launch (a CATO), which is a destructive and unsafe way to end a flight suddenly. Consumers can receive the replacement forward closures from affected vendors, but each shipment of replacement forward closures will cost the vendor a HAZMAT fee.  So in an effort to support our vendors, some SARA members are organizing a single replacement shipment, and we can distribute the replacements at upcoming SARA launches. 

    Affected vendors include Wildman and AMW and others, although Bay Area Rocketry did not receive any of the defective closures. AMW is known to have unknowingly sold some motors with defective forward closures when they visited the February 2016 SARA launch. Unfortunately the closures are not stamped with a batch number.  Any 38mm motor with a manufacture date from July 2015 to December 2015 stamped on the cardboard tube is suspect. Visually, the defective closures have fine wavy lines on them the size of finger prints.
    Example of a bad 38mm forward closure (left) and a good 38mm forward closure (right). Note the wavy lines on the side of the bad closure.
    Example of a bad 38mm forward closure (left) and a good 38mm forward closure (right). Note the wavy lines on the side of the bad closure and the linear striations on the side of the good closure. Click the photo for a full size image.
    If you have any Cesaroni 38mm motors in your collection manufactured between July 2015 and December 2015, you should carefully open the cardboard tube and the plastic bag that encloses the motor reload. Remove the forward closure (the part with the delay and ejection charges) from the rest of the motor, and inspect the sides of the closure near the rubber o-ring. If the forward closure shows the characteristic wavy lines shown in the photo above, your forward closure can be replaced. Please email the motor designation (I212-SS,etc.) and how many motors show the defect to vp@sararocketry.org, and we will submit your replacement request to Wildman and notify you when the shipment arrives. Please inspect your 38mm motors and let us know what replacement forward closures you need no later than Sunday, August 28, 2016--the weekend of SARA's August club launch. We will be reviewing this issue with fliers of 38mm Cesaroni motors at upcoming launches to try to avoid motor CATOs.

    More details are available in Cesaroni's June 15, 2016 bulletin.
    Posted Aug 18, 2016, 2:16 PM by James Cramton
  • June Club Launch

    We had a small but fun group of people out for the June 2016 club launch. Miles, Terry and Andrew all flew some very nice large rockets. We shut it down a little early due to the extreme heat but plenty of money was converted to smoke prior to that. Thank you to all the new visitors we had out, we did a few rent-a-rocs and I hope everyone had a good time.

    Some videos

    Andrews Pike

    Randys 429SS

    Pictures are available on Flickr

    Posted Jun 26, 2016, 6:50 PM by Randall Shanyfelt
  • Happy Fathers Day!
    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! It only took me 5 minutes to get these pictures from Flickr, just goes to show how many of them there are and how common these moments are.

    Posted Jun 19, 2016, 3:28 PM by Randall Shanyfelt
  • Recent Members Only Launches
    In recent weeks, we've been holding some members-only launches during the week for some quieter times with just a few people.  While we love hosting the regular monthly launches, these members-only launches are a more intimate affair, with more time to chat and learn about each other's interests.  These launches have seen fewer than 10 people show up, but we did have a successful certification by club member Grant Midbrod! Grant's Level 1 certification went perfectly on his modified Estes PSII Leviathan, called "Squiggles" with a 29mm Reload CTI H163 adjusted to 9 sec delay. He glassed the tube with 3oz cloth, made different fins, filled the nosecone with 2lb polyurethane foam mix. Congratulations Grant!
    Grant Midbrod and his Level 1 Certification rocket
    Grant Midbrod's Level 1 certification flight
    Grant Midbrod is Level 1 Certified!

    We also saw James prepping for upcoming NARAM 58 competition in G Streamer Duration (that was a cool flight on a G25-10), plastic model conversion, A powered helicopter duration, and D rocket glider duration. And we had high power flights by Miles, Randy, and Brett, including Brett's Can't Fly 55 on an L motor!

    We plan to have more of these members-only launches coming up, including some on weekends!

    Posted Jun 16, 2016, 6:56 AM by James Cramton
  • 5-22-2016 Launch
    It was a little windy on Sunday but we still got a few Level 1 certification flights completed and some cool rockets!

    Pictures are up on flickr

    Congratulations to two newly minted Level 1 certified SARA members! Thank you to Art and Terry for helping them out.

    Brian Martin                              

    James Hernandez 



    Posted May 23, 2016, 2:53 PM by Randall Shanyfelt
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