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Recovering Rockets at the TIMPA Launch Site

SARA members and launch attendees at SARA's TIMPA launch site have permission to recover rockets on the TIMPA property, subject to flight line clearance for rockets that land toward the runway. If a rocket lands beyond the posted warning sights south of the SARA flight line, drive 1/2 mile south to the TIMPA facility to coordinate recovery with model airplane pilots. Additionally, we may walk to recover rockets that land in the north field (20845005A ) and the west field (208450090 and 208450080).

There is a pedestrian gate to the eastern half of the north field close to SARA's range head; please close the gate after you pass through. There are no open gates to the west of Reservation road, but there are many places where an ambitious rocketeer may crawl under a fence or gate. As always, recover with a partner, let a range official know where you are going and when you return, take your cell phone, plenty of water, and be careful of critter holes and other desert hazards. Also, please practice Leave No Trace policies when recovering rockets anywhere. And if you come across trash, please bring it back and throw it away.

The parcels to the east and southeast are strictly off limits to SARA member recover efforts. The City of Tucson uses these parcels for its aquifer recharge efforts, and they will prosecute any trespassers on these or other water recharge properties (213310240 and 213320250). We can contact the City of Tucson to recover rockets that land in these areas, but under no circumstances are SARA launch attendees to attempt recovery independent of City of Tucson personnel. It may take a few days or weeks, but recovery coordinated with the city is very possible.

The City of Tucson is not the only landowner around the TIMPA parcel; 2 parcels of private property lie northwest of the SARA gate and southwest of the TIMPA gate. State land is to the south and southwest of TIMPA.  Federal CAP water canal property that is not open to the public lies northeast of the TIMPA parcel. SARA does not have permission to recover rockets from these areas. It is fair to say that subject to State recreational permit requirements, hiking to recover rockets that drift onto State lands is possible. It's likely that the federal government would view trespassers on federal land used for the CAP water right of way just like the city does on its recharge properties. Do not recover rockets east of the fence at the east edge of the TIMPA property or on private property without coordinating with the land owner. 

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