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October C6-7 Altitude Contest!

23 Aug 2022 13:45 | James Cramton (Administrator)

SARA is returning to its long history of contest rocketry! Buoyed by a large collection of donated C6-7 motors, SARA is providing motors for our 2022 C6-7 altitude contest!  The gist of the contest is to fly an electronic altimeter in one of 4 common model rockets on a free C6-7 motor. The highest flight wins!  Eligible model rockets include:

Estes Alpha (not the Alpha III)
Quest Astra
BMS School Rocket (BT-50 size)
Rocketry Works Socrates

Material substitutions are permitted, provided the overall profile of the rocket is consistent with the kit parameters--same length, diameter, nose cone profile, etc.  

Prizes include a $25 Rocketry Works gift certificate, plus others TBD. 

The contest will be held at SARA's October launch at the TIMPA site, on the weekend of October 21-23. We'll have a running tally of results throughout the launch. 

Contestants are welcome to borrow an Altus Metrum Micropeak altimeter from Rocketry Works for this event.

The full contest rules are linked below, but the intent of this contest is to be an entry level contest  to build interest for members new to contest flying. Certain arcane contest trickery is explicitly excluded. Let's just go out and have some fun flying models rockets! It's a great way to get kids involved in contest flying, too!

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