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Is Sport Rocketry A Safe Activity? Absolutely!!

In 1957, the first professionally-manufactured rocket motor was designed and produced for general consumer use. Made from safe materials and propellants, it freed the rocket enthusiast from the dangerous business of engine construction and allowed him to concentrate on mastering general disciplines such as aerodynamics, stability, construction, and payload operation. Coupled with a Safety Code containing basic rules for range operations and flight procedures, a safe, educational and fun hobby was born.

Since those early days of 1957, over 500 million model rockets have been launched, and our simple Safety Code procedures have almost totally eliminated accidents and injuries. The safety of the hobby has been summarized by the NAR in a one page document and also in a thoroughly-documented booklet written by the hobby’s founder G. Harry Stine that you can use with public safety officials, schools and others who wonder if our activity is safe. It is!

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