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Many Thanks! to Saturday's 12-04-2021-SARA-TIMPA Field Clean up crew

5 Dec 2021 16:38 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The club owes you all a big thanks and debt.

This has been an extraordinary effort by 20 people, spending over 170 personnel hours on the field, for the club to be able to have the possibility of flying the TIMPA field again!

Thanks to all of You!

David Bailey

Stuart Bailey

Jeff Black

Bob Brown- TIMPA tractor driver

Evan Brown

Eric Burch - Personal tractor and driver

Matt Christensen

Steve Fraser

Kevin Hedspeth                                                                                                  

Llyn Fulmer

Terry Gilpin

Dan Grossman

John Grove

Anson Knoblach

Gerrit Kaup

Paul Kaup

Steve Lubliner

Bill Olsen

Ken Weaver

Tim Wharton

This does not take into account all the hours of behind the scenes effort, spent by other members to take care of the many other items that allow everyone to fly rockets.

Please remember to thank them the next time you see them and please help the in any way you can. The club only works if we all pitch in and help wherever we can.

Ken Weaver

SARA vice president

NAR section # 545

Tripoli Prefecture # 93

12042021-SARA-TIMPA Field Post Clean-Up.mp4

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