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Competition Rocketry

Did you ever wonder how high you can fly a rocket on an A motor?  Or how long you can keep a rocket in the air under a parachute? Or do you have an interest in scale modeling and other craftsmanship skills?  Competition rocketry is a great opportunity to try your hand at these kind of events. SARA hosts competition events several times a year. Here, we will list the rules for our competition events.  Sanctioned events are governed by the NAR US Model Rocketry Sporting Code, or the "Pink Book." Other events have their own rules that do not necessarily follow the Pink Book rules.

SARA Competition Events

  • May 6, 2017: Fast and Furious
    • Craftsmanship competition themed around the Fast and Furious movies
    • Set Altitude contest
      • High power (H or I impulse): 2000 feet
      • Low power (up to G impulse): 500 feet
      • Closest to the target altitude wins; Altitudes over target are penalized, but not disqualified
    • Separate high power and low power classes for both events
    • Complete Rules
  • May 21, 2017 NAR Competition Beta Test
    • 1/2A Streamer Duration
      • How long can you keep a tiny rocket aloft on a big streamer?
      • What is a light but strong (enough) streamer material?
    • B Egg Loft Altitude with Altimeter
      • This is not as easy as it sounds!  
      • How do you maximize altitude on a B motor without breaking a raw 63 gram egg?
      • How do  you mount an altimeter on the airframe so it reads accurately?
    • This will be held at our May Members Launch
    • Sanctioned event, governed by NAR US Model Rocketry Sporting Code, or the "Pink Book."
    • This will be a test of the new NAR competition format to be used in the 2018 contest year. 
    • Help NAR identify how upcoming changes to NAR competition will meet the reality of local competition.

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