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First Launch at TIMPA

After much work, finally on May 5, 1997 we had our first official launch at our new site at TIMPA. We had the usual group of about a half dozen flying. Even though it was just May, it was already a bit hot.

Here we have Steve Casillas with one of his medium power rockets, from preparation to recovery:

 Steve C. preps rockets 1 Steve C. preps rockets 2 Steve C.'s rocket launches Steve C. returns!

Ed Bertschy also flew quite a few interesting models, as he usually does. Here we see him prepping and flying his Cosmodrome Nike-Apache kit, putting a scale-like design of his own on the pad and his reproduction of the Estes Bomarc kit.

Ed preps rocket Ed launches rocket Ed puts another on the pad Ed's Bomarc

Tad Morgan likes to fly cameras of various types. Here are the results of a flight of his Astrocam, flying on a Maniac booster. The picture shows the TIMPA ramada and runway quite well. Click on the image for a larger version.

Astrocam pic

Finally, we have Steve Lubliner reading the paper instead of flying. Come on, Steve launch something!

Steve L. reads

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