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SARA Local Meet-1 (SLM-1) Results

posted Jan 26, 2016, 5:30 PM by James Cramton   [ updated Mar 4, 2016, 10:03 PM ]
By Ed LaCroix, SARA Contest Director. Edited by James Cramton. Photos by Steve Fraser.

On Saturday January 23, 2016, eight members of SARA met on a somewhat chilly and surprisingly windy morning at the SARA launch site for what is hoped to be the first of a growing number of SARA/NAR sanctioned contests. NARAM 57 Contest Director (CD) and new SARA member Ed LaCroix served as the CD for what was SARA Local Meet-1 (SLM-1).  Of the eight competitors, seven were C Division (>=19yrs) and one was A Division (7-13 yrs).   It should be noted that when there is not at least two people in an age division, the age divisions are combined. That means poor Zachary had to do battle with the adults.
The good news is that as the day wore on, the winds diminished significantly and the thermals came out to play!

There were three events flown, two of which are events to be contested at this summer's national championships, NARAM 58*

Open Spot Landing*, Predicted Altitude, and C Parachute Duration*.

In NAR competition, greater points are earned 1st thru 4th place. Below 4th, a contestant with a qualified flight receives flight points. Here's how the chips fell.

With just 8 contestants, the range was run informally, so-called 'misfire alley,' with each contestant coordinating their own launch system with the other fliers.

Photo: Zachary prepares his Open Spot Landing model for his first flight of the day

Open Spot Landing- (Only one flight allowed and must be first flight of the day. The measurement in meters is from a designated landing "spot" to the tip of the models nose
 cone. Wind played a BIG factor, except for John. Places are recognized only for models that landed <=50m from the landing spot. Rick and Ed were out in the weeds.)
Terrill, John, and Jim measure John&#39;s Open Spot Landing flight

A Division
Place Name Flight 1 Points
No Place
Zachary Cramton DQ: Unstable 0
C Division
Place Name Flight 1 Points
John Grove 4.98 meters (m) 40
Steve Lubliner 28.83 m 24
3 James Cramton 37.0 m 16
4 Jeffrey Ryan 39.4 m 8
-- Rick Chapek > 50 m 4
-- Ed LaCroix > 50 m 4

Photo: John, Terrill, and Jim measure the distance from the marker to John's Open Spot Landing flight--just inside of 5 meters!  

Jeff prepares his Predicted Altitude flight on our nearest historical landmark--Steve&#39;s &#39;vintage&#39; launch pad!  Is that &#39;patina&#39; I see on the launch pad, Steve?
Predicted Altitude-Altimeter-
 (The contestant predicts how high his/her model will go in meters and at our event, the altitude was determined by a NAR approved altimeter which the contestant's model had carry on board. Altimeters used at SLM-1 were Jolly Logic Altimeters 2 and 3, and PerfectFlite P'Nut. These are not the only approved altimeters. Competitors are allowed one flight.  The difference between the prediction and the recorded altitude is expressed as a percentage deviation.)

Combined A and C Division
Place Name Flight 1 Prediction Actual Points
Steve Lubliner 6.10% 165 m 155 m 80
John Grove 9.90% 372 m 409 m 48
3 Ed LaCroix 10.00% 108m 99 m 32
4 Jeffrey Ryan 12.70% 205 m 179 m 16
5 Rick Chapek 13.10% 282 m 245 m 8
5 Zachary Cramton 13.10% 160 m 139 m 8
7 James Cramton 13.70% 160 m 42 m 8

Photo: Jeffrey prepares his Predicted Altitude flight on our nearest historical landmark--Steve's 'vintage' launch pad!  Is that 'patina' I see on the launch pad, Steve?

Terrill Willard prepares his C Parachute Duration model for launch
C Parachute Duration-
 (In most NAR duration events, the competitor's scores reflect the SUM of two flight of which one must be returned. So long flights are most often lost as what happened to poor Zachary who pummeled the adults [FB]. Time is expressed in seconds for each flight and the total is the sum of the two flights in seconds.)

Combined A and C Division
Place Name F1 F2 Total (seconds) Points
1 Zachary Cramton 98 403 501 90
2 Terill Willard 276 276 54
3 Ed LaCroix 133 136 269 36
4 James Cramton UNS 260 260 18
5 Steve Lubliner 48 60 108 9
6 Jeffrey Ryan 35 34 69 9
7 Rick Chapek 23 32 55 9
8 John Grove 29 29 9

Zachary&#39;s winning C Parachute model takes flight from a launch tower
Photo Right:
Terrill prepares his C Parachute Duration model for flight.  Leave it to the electric company employee to land his model on the only power lines for miles around! Good luck living that one down, Terrill!

Photo Left: Zachary's winning C Parachute model takes flight from a launch tower. This is one of those high performance models made of little more than air and a leaf.  But as Steve and John showed in the overall standings, sport models can be competitive as well!

John Grove&#39;s winning Open Spot Landing model

Meet Champions-
A Division
Place Name Notes Points
1 Zachary Cramton Champ! 98
C Division
Place Name Notes Points
1 Steve Lubliner Champ (Oh, Ed, how will you live with this!) 113
2 John Grove (Way to go, John!) 97
3 Ed LaCroix (I'm coming for YOU, Lubliner!) 72
4 Terill Willard (Flew only one event-cheater…) 54
5 James Cramton (I'm coming for all of you!) 42
6 Jeffrey Ryan (I'm the new Treasurer and I'm raising all your dues! 33
7 Rick Chapek (Sporting the BEST, and frankly the only goatee of the bunch.) 21

I hope all of you had as much fun as I did. Keep the trash talk appropriate but coming. And watch out for Zachary...wolf in kids clothing!

Photo: John Grove showed up the seasoned competitors with a 2nd place finish in the C division with his Black Brandt sport model.  Nice work, John! And let's not forget that Steve Lubliner placed first overall with his True Big Bertha! Better luck next time, Ed and Terrill!