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Recent Members Only Launches

posted Jun 16, 2016, 6:18 AM by James Cramton   [ updated Jun 16, 2016, 6:56 AM ]
In recent weeks, we've been holding some members-only launches during the week for some quieter times with just a few people.  While we love hosting the regular monthly launches, these members-only launches are a more intimate affair, with more time to chat and learn about each other's interests.  These launches have seen fewer than 10 people show up, but we did have a successful certification by club member Grant Midbrod! Grant's Level 1 certification went perfectly on his modified Estes PSII Leviathan, called "Squiggles" with a 29mm Reload CTI H163 adjusted to 9 sec delay. He glassed the tube with 3oz cloth, made different fins, filled the nosecone with 2lb polyurethane foam mix. Congratulations Grant!
Grant Midbrod and his Level 1 Certification rocket
Grant Midbrod's Level 1 certification flight
Grant Midbrod is Level 1 Certified!

We also saw James prepping for upcoming NARAM 58 competition in G Streamer Duration (that was a cool flight on a G25-10), plastic model conversion, A powered helicopter duration, and D rocket glider duration. And we had high power flights by Miles, Randy, and Brett, including Brett's Can't Fly 55 on an L motor!

We plan to have more of these members-only launches coming up, including some on weekends!