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Desert Heat Re-Cap

posted Apr 4, 2016, 1:27 PM by Randall Shanyfelt   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 1:49 PM ]
We had a great Desert Heat! Thank you to everyone that came out to the launch. First we want to thank the event director James Cramton and all of the volunteers for making it all happen. We do have pictures up on our social channels Facebook, 3 albums on Flickr for SaturdayNight Launch and Sunday

A huge Thank You to the Friends Of SARAespecially Mike from Bay Area Rocketry for being on site to provide a trailer full of goodies. We also received huge support from Jolly Logic, AMW Pro X, County Line Hobbies, One Bad Hawk Recovery, MadCow rocketry, Missile Works and Hobby Barn.

Art Just & Crew Thor

Thank you to all of our participants, from High Power to Rent A Roc, for providing the smoke and noise for all of our entertainment. 

A special Thank You goes to Art Just & Crew and Miles Anderson for their 2 M power launches. power rockets cost thousands of dollars, hundreds of man hours, and high level of skills to fly. I hope everyone enjoyed both spectacular launches. We also had many K motors, L motors, high power multi-stage, high power clusters, innovative night rockets and much more. All of these projects also involve a lot of work and skill to do, we could not have asked for a better mix! 
Chase, New Level 1 Flier!
Zachary's Level 1
We also had a few certification flights, including a Jr. level 1, by our competition launch "ringer" Zachary. Chase Trujillo certified Level 1 as well. Congrats to everyone involved in these projects and get your wallets ready for more fun. If you are interested in becoming certified, check out our "How to" High Power Certify page and Preparing for Certification from Art Just

Atria Valley Rocket club was also out again this year with a huge pink "Fat Girl" rocket that was very cool. Great job as always Ladies! 

Thank you to everyone, and we hope to see you at our regular monthly launches. 

Atria Valley Fat Girl.