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How to Help

There are many ways our members and even the general public can help make SARA run smoothly. Please take a look through this list to see how you can help!  Some of these are broad topics that will require a committee of people to make it happen.  If you have some of the skills, or even just a bit of interest, please let us know by emailing

  • Community Relations
    • Incorporate as a 501(c)3
    • Select and negotiate an alternative launch site 
  • Communicate SARA launch schedule on Internet or to local stores
    • Repaint/repair SARA Crayon rocket or coordinate the construction of a smaller, more portable rocket
    • Teach rocketry classes in local schools, 4H, Scouts, etc.
    • Be a TARC mentor
  • Range Operations
    • Serve as Launch Control Officer (LCO) at launches
    • Help set up and tear down launch equipment at launches
    • Socialize with launch attendees, and recruit new members or volunteers when possible
    • Serve as Range Safety Officer (RSO) at launches
    • Identify and purchase a wireless launch controller
    • New trailer or secure storage options on site
    • Clean and maintain launch gear (as needed)
    • Clear weeds at launch pads (as needed)
    • Maintain launch site including signs, fencing, litter
    • Repair launch controller and wiring (as needed)
    • Help organize and carry out launches
    • Manage FAA Waiver process (annually, and for each waivered launch)
  • Facilities
    • Tidy the SARA gear stored in the TIMPA barn
    • Provide Internet connectivity to TIMPA flight line and SARA launch site
  • Organizational
    • Participate in one of our 4 standing committees: 
      • Communications and Public Relations
      • Range Operations
      • Safety/Training
      • Membership
    • Serve on the Board of Directors
    • Maintain website, email contact lists, membership lists, or other electronic tasks


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