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Desert Heat 2016

Vendors on site for food, rockets and supplies.

 Bay Area Rocketry
Bay Area Rocketry on Site

Discount Rocketry
Discount Rocketry

    German Food Station
Jackie's Food Court

 Spectators welcome and free!

Launch Site is at the beautiful TIMPA Complex

3250 N. Reservation Rd. between Manville Rd. and Mile Wide Rd.

RVs over 24 feet should travel West from Tucson on Ajo Way, then North on Sandario Rd. to Manville Rd. West to Reservation Rd. South to the launch site.  Both the Picture Rocks and Gates Pass routes are not recommended for RVs over 24 feet.

Bring a lawn chair for best viewing

There is limited shade, so bring a hat and sunscreen, and please leave pets at home

Free parking!   Restrooms with running water!

Mass launch of 50 rockets at Noon Saturday. Free prizes for kids!

Rocket rentals available for you to launch for $2 (includes motor)

Launch Fees (kids under 18 always launch free!)

Saturday: SARA members $10, all other adults $15 
Sunday: SARA members $5, all other adults $10

FAA Waiver up to 6,500 feet Above Ground Level

NAR or TRA membership card required at sign-up for proof of certification level for high power launches

Motors must be listed on the NAR S&T Combined Certified Motor List

Night launch limited to K motors and smaller.
Night time ceiling is 3,000 feet AGL, and no complex rockets at night
Please have HPR night rockets approved by RSO or Safety Officer before dark

RV and Tent Camping Available

Absolutely NO fireworks of any kind allowed

No potable water on site--bring your own drinking water. 

No hookups, no dump station

Campfires must be in a container, and all wood and ash must be removed

Pre-registration required for:

See important details below for any pre-registration activities

Pre-register for these activities before March 29, 2016

Help Needed

Successfully running Desert Heat requires expert rocketeers and also interested volunteers in specific roles throughout the event, and there are still spots available.  Please sign up for a shift or two. We want you to have time to enjoy the launch, fly your own rockets, and not feel overworked. But we still need volunteers for a variety of tasks.

Thanks to you all for your support! We are looking forward to another outstanding event this year!

Raffle to Support SARA

Friends of SARA are coming through in a big way with raffle prizes!  You won't want to miss this chance to win some of the thousands of dollars in raffle prizes! Proceeds go to support SARA's operations and outreach efforts. 

Stay tuned for updates!

Bay Area Rocketry Ordering Deadlines

The ordering deadline to guarantee delivery in time for Desert Heat 2016 is March 1, 2016. Mike Gentile drives the Bay Area Rocketry trailer to Desert Heat starting Monday, March 28, so any orders have to be placed at by March 1 in order to arrive in time to get into the trailer and avoid hazmat shipping charges. So plan ahead and place your Bay Area Rocketry motor orders in February! Once on site, Bay Area Rocketry will be available during Desert Heat right by the flight line.  Be sure to visit him for sport rockets and Estes motors, as well as high power Cesaroni and Aerotech single use motors and reloads, plus mid and high power rocket kits, and assorted accessories!

Desert Heat Site Map

Desert Heat is at the TIMPA Modelplex, at 3250 N. Reservation Rd, Marana, AZ. You can use this Google map to find directions, or you can click here to download a PDF version of the directions and map.

Once at the site, you can find your way around the facility using this map: 

Desert Heat Site Map

Large Motor Flights Planned

If you have a rocket flying on an M motor (or equivalent impulse), Hybrid motors or other complex High Power projects (clusters, multi-staged, air starts), pre-registration is required no later than March 29. Models fitting these specifications that are not pre-registered by March 29 will not be permitted to fly.  So far, we have these large rocket projects planned:

 Art Just will be launching his 17 foot tall, 10 inch diameter Thor rocket on a full M motor

Night Launch Saturday 6 pm - 9 pm

Saturday's Night Launch from 6 - 9 pm is a special treat you won't want to miss.  We take a break from launch operations from 5 - 6 pm while the sun sets. Take the opportunity to grab dinner from our food vendor, or fix your group dinner in your nearby campsite. Then, bring your lawn chairs and blankets back over to the spectator area for a spectacular show!  

 Night launch on a sparky motor Ignition on the night launch flight line Red motor exhaust trail at night rocket launch

If you plan to launch at night, please follow these guidelines:
  • All night launch rockets must have lights on board for the entire flight. LEDs are recommended, and high power launches must have flashing lights on board. For small sport models, small glow sticks taped to the body tube work also.
  • Night launch limited to K motors and smaller
  • Night launch ceiling is 3,000 feet above ground level
  • No complex rockets at night; this means clustered motors, multi-staged models, and hybrid motors will not be permitted to fly at night.
  • Please have high power night rockets approved by a Safety Officer before dark


Desert Heat Camping

This is a great opportunity to camp with kids in a flat, sandy site close to the launch activities, so you don't need to drive home after the night launch ends! There are a number of rules and guidelines to take into account that will allow us to continue the camping tradition at Desert Heat.
Desert Heat has very good mud for mud pies
  • Pre-registration is required for camping in tents or RVs at the TIMPA site Friday or Saturday nights. Camping fee is: $10/vehicle.
  • RVs are best on the gravel parking lot directly South of the restrooms. There are no hookups available at TIMPA. There is not enough power to go around. There is no dump station. It's just desert, although the restrooms have flush toilets!
  • Tent Camping is available in the undeveloped flat, sandy ground South and East of the TIMPA parking lot. Please pick a site away from neighbors. There is plenty of space; spread out and enjoy the desert camping experience. 
  • Fires are allowed only in portable fire pits, and all ash and wood must be packed out with you in a fireproof container. Do not dump ash on the ground or in trash receptacles at TIMPA. Do not collect firewood at TIMPA; you must bring your own firewood.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. No generators, music, or other loud noise is permitted between those hours.
  • Pack out what you pack in. Leave your campsite like you found it, if not a little better.
  • The groundwater at TIMPA is not potable. Do not drink the water from the hose or taps at TIMPA. There may be some bottled water for sale at Desert Heat, but plan to bring enough drinking water for your group.
  • We have it on good authority that the dirt around the campsites makes excellent mud pies. 
  • Bring a telescope--the skies are dark!

Pre-register sUAVs (Drones)

Due to the number of spectators and the active launch range at Desert Heat, operation of sUAVs (drones) must comply with these rules:
  • Pre-registration no later than March 29 is required to operate a sUAV at Desert Heat.
  • sUAV flights must be coordinated and approved by the Desert Heat Event director or the Range safety officer. No sUAV flights will be permitted without pre-coordination and approval.
  • The Event Director or RSO will provide additional instructions to promote safe operation of sUAVs at Desert Heat.

Wireless Launch Controllers

Wireless launch controllers must be pre-registered, so the RSO can approve and coordinate their use.
Some controllers are susceptible to interference that can result in unplanned ignition.
We will decide approvals, 3 days in advance so you will know, if you need to make other arrangements, if your controller is not approved.

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Discount Rocketry

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