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Featured Projects

Desert Heat 2011
Featured Projects

ART 1/2-scale SCUD Launch

The Arizona Rocketry Team will launch their 20 foot tall ½-scale SCUD missile powered by five rocket motors providing over 800 pounds of thrust – the biggest ever launched in Tucson!

Prepping the 1/2-scale SCUD rocket.

Keane Mineral Enterprises is providing the motors for the SCUD launch, in recognition of the effort and talent required by the Arizona Rocketry Team to make such a launch possible.



Tom and Art Just stand next to the "Black Widow", built by Tom, his father Art and son Aubrey (picturd below).  Scheduled for a maiden flight at Desert Heat 2011 on a central M1315 with two "J" airstarts, followed by two "I" airstarts!



Eric Burch's Snitch
Eric Burch's Up-Scaled J-powered Snitch!

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